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  • Uses thermal trip to power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current.
  • Higher joules provide long lasting surge protection 6500 A.
  • All Adapters are equipped with efficient fire retardant protection-our primary guarantee of safety.
  • Master switch with LED indicator; Edge glow LED when switched on.
  • 2.5 metre cable


Spike guards (EXTENSION CORDS) are the appliances with multiple sockets which connect electronic devices. It also offers protection to electronic devices against spikes which take place from time to time. Goldmedal I-Strip LED Spike Guard with Surge Protector and 6-outlet is one of the newest spike guards to be launched in the market. Even under regular power conditions spikes might enter the system occasionally. Goldmedal spike guards may help in protecting your equipment against spikes up to 240 V.


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